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Bus 20 Ceramics

5" Dessert Plates with Real Gold

5" Dessert Plates with Real Gold

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This 5" ceramic plate with real bright gold luster features a handpainted moth design, butterfly design, or orange blossom design. This dishwasher safe ceramic plate works well as a snack plate, decorative plate, cake or dessert plate, small plate, tapas plate, or dish. Each plate is handmade in our 2 person pottery studio in Portland, Oregon and is one-of-a-kind.

Facts about this plate:

-Roughly 5" in diameter
-Decorated with bright gold overglaze
-Food and dishwasher safe. NOT microwave safe.
-Requires hardware to mount on wall
-Made in USA
-Thrown on the pottery wheel

Safety and care instruction information for Mayco brand bright gold overglazes:

"Overglazes can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food
and drink. Care must be taken to avoid hard scrubbing when washing
overglazed ware, because of the possibility of scraping off the thin layer
of metal or luster. Treat your overglazed pieces as you would fine china.
Although overglazed ware will take repeated washings in a dishwasher,
the overglaze will eventually wear away. Ware decorated with gold
overglazes should not be used in the microwave."

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