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Bus 20 Ceramics

Stemless Strawberry Cup With Thumb Rest

Stemless Strawberry Cup With Thumb Rest

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Hand-painted with a pink and blue strawberry design, this ceramic cup includes a thumb rest for easy holding. Works as a cold brew cup, stemless wine glass, coffee cup, stemless teacup, cocktail glass, highball glass, or whiskey tumbler. This roughly 4" tall cup holds 10oz, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Since each cup is painted individually, it varies slightly in design and appearance. 

Our two-person pottery studio throws these ceramic cups on the wheel in small batches. We then add a thumb imprint for easy holding and a more ergonomic design. The strawberries are painted on by hand, so each cup varies slightly in appearance.

Facts about this cup:

-Dishwasher safe
-Microwave safe
-Holds 10oz
-Roughly 4" tall
-Works for hot or cold beverages
-Durable, lasting ceramic

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