Take the best care of your pottery


Is your pottery dishwasher safe?

All of our pottery is dishwasher safe, made from durable stoneware designed to hold up to heavy use. Some items have real gold luster overglaze, which will be emphasized in the listing description. Gold luster is soft and can wear off over time when washed, so you may want to handle lustered items with extra care.

Can I put your ceramics in the microwave?

Microwave safety is built into our item descriptions, so for safety's sake, always double check the description before zapping your dishware. We occasionally use real gold luster, high fire metal wire, and magnets, none of which should be goin' in your microwave; but our regular stoneware absent of these extras can go in the microwave just fine.

Can I put my pottery in the oven?

Like most midrange temperature clay bodies, our cone 5 pottery isn't recommended for oven use because it's prone to thermal shock, so it could crack when removed from the oven.

I have an idea for a custom. How do I get started?

Head to our custom page to learn about requesting custom items and fill out a form for a quote.

What is your return policy?

We review return requests individually, so while we have timeframe recommendations and general guidelines listed here, you can always reach out to see if we can make an exception.

Items could be eligible for refund, replacement, or exchange if:

  • They do not arrive at all
  • They arrive damaged (please send us a photo of the damage)
  • They're unused, in their original condition, and have been purchased within 30 days

Send return requests through our contact page or via email at bus20ceramics@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with next steps.

How do you stay so silly?

Regular doses of memes, lots of goofy time spent together being friends, hanging out with our other creative homies, listening to The Bald And The Beautiful, and following the laws of our supreme leader Brittany Broski. Broski nation, rise up!

Are you open to consigning with me?

Send us an email at bus20ceramics@gmail.com with your consignment request including the following:

  • A copy of your consignment agreement
  • Your commission percentage
  • Your location
  • A little bit about you

We'll get back to you ASAP!

Do you teach classes?

We offer seasonal workshops and classes at our studio January-May. Send us an email at bus20ceramics@gmail.com to get on the waitlist.

You can also email us if you would like to hire us to provide freelance instruction in your creative space or place of business.

Have more questions?

If you don't see your question listed above, we'd love to answer it! Reach out via our contact form to get started.